Golden Treez Pure Rose Water




Nourish and tone your skin on the go with our 100% natural Golden Treez rose mist steam-distilled with pure, pristine and selective roses to improve skin quality and enhance your mood on the go as you can spray anytime with sleek travel-friendly packaging perfect to use multiple times throughout the day for a refreshing effect. Works wonderfully for all skin types and free from parabens, any harmful preservative. Our rich floral aromatic mist is a complete nourishing treat for the skin and eyes, as it works wonderfully for all skin types and with just one spritz relaxes, soothes tired and puffy eyes. Rose is a natural astringent, an excellent skin toner as it unclogs, minimises pores, controls oiliness and balances the pH of the skin to give you a healthy, glowing and nourished skin any time of the day.


100% Natural Steam Distilled Rosa Damascena (Rose) flower water.   


  1. 100% pure, natural and steam distilled.
  2. It comes in a spray bottle packaging to carry and use anywhere.
  3. Refreshing spray to use at any time of the day.
  4. Perfect daily skin tonic to refresh your mood and dull skin.
  5. Enchanting natural aroma and no added artificial fragrance.
  6. Free from parabens and any harmful chemicals.
  7. Balances skin pH, reduces oiliness and strengthens skin cells.
  8. Natural astringent, cools, hydrates and nourishes the skin deeply.
  9. Acts as a pore minimiser and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  10. Adds glow to face and leaves skin young and radiant.
  11. Soothes and relaxes tired eyes.


How to use

Spray onto your face directly avoiding the eye area and leave it on for a minute to let it absorb into your skin before using any other product.

You can use it multiple times for a refreshing effect as and when you desire.

You can use Golden Treez rose mist as a facial toner, a mixer for DIY face packs or a soothing spray for tired and puffy eyes.

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