Golden Treez Neem Facewash




A quick and easy solution to keep up your natural charm! Golden Treez Neem Face Wash is a daily skincare essential, packed with the goodness of ayurvedic Neem Oil, Aloe Vera extracts and Vitamin E. The paraben-free cleanser promises to remove dirt and dead skin cells without disturbing the natural oils and protective layers of your skin, leaving it healthy, supple and moisturized.



Neem Oil

Neem is one of the best-known herbs for fighting acne and skin infections. It is a natural cleanser that promotes the growth of healthy skin cells.


Aloe Vera

A nature-bound antioxidant, Aloe Vera is a skin moisturizer that reduces blemishes and pigmentation while gives a soothing feel to the skin.


Vitamin E

Of all the nourishing agents, Vitamin E is a prime skin food. It is well known for healing the effect of free radicals, leading to younger looking skin.

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