Golden Treez Lemon Face Wash




Golden Treez Lemon Face wash is an easy and effective solution to end your oily skin problems, enriched with the goodness of lemon and aloe vera to rejuvenate and nourish skin deeply. The paraben-free cleanser is suitable for all skin types, works wonderfully for oily, acne-prone skin type as it effectively washes away dirt, pollution, impurities while giving instant freshness and glow to your skin. Lemon essential oil helps in lightening your spots and blemishes and gets rid of sun tan while Aloe Vera Extract and Glycerine combined gives a fresh, radiant and healthy look to the skin. An ideal facial cleanser for every day as it maintains a youthful natural glow while feeling fresh all day long.

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Lemon essential oil

Vitamin C rich oil makes your skin young, glowing and well-moisturized, the presence of antioxidants helps in tan removal and gives a cooling effect on the skin.

Aloe vera Extract

Ultimate skin soother, maintains skin moisture, adds suppleness and helps in reducing skin infection, inflammation due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


An awesome humectant binder improves overall skin health, repairs damaged skin and protects from skin allergies/infections.

Wheat Germ Oil

A must-have skincare oil full of nutritional elements, really good for skin wellness packed with antioxidants that decrease free radical damage to skin cells.

Vitamin E

An amazing moisturizer for dry, patchy areas of skin and it deeply nourishes the skin.


  1. Rejuvenating foaming face wash for all skin types.
  2. An ideal facial cleanser for everyday use.
  3. Deeply cleanses and evenly tones the skin.
  4. Adds a youthful natural glow.
  5. Clears out spots and blemishes.
  6. Balances the pH of skin.
  7. Enriched with natural ingredients and free from harmful parabens.
  8. Lemon essential oil is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, provides instant freshness and radiance.


How to use

  1. Step 1 – Splash some water on the face. Take a small quantity of face wash and lather it on your palms
  2. Step 2 – Now gently massage on wet face for 30 sec.
  3. Step 3 – Wash it off, using normal water and pat dry

For Best Results – Use Twice a day – morning and night.


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