Cheveux Silk – Herbal Hair Colour




Cheveux Silk herbal hair colour is a revolutionary hair colour to colour hair naturally and safely, contains the most useful herbal ingredients known best for hair care. Nine best herbs are integrated to offer you the best and safe hair colouring solution. It works wonderfully for all hair types.

This herbal hair colour gives you damage-free results and is undoubtedly one of the safest hair colours to rely on for an enjoyable hair colouring experience that not only fully covers your greys but also the natural ingredients like Heena, Brahmi, Shikakai, Coffee, Amla – nourishes, moisturises, fights hair fall, controls dandruff, promotes hair growth, repair dry, damaged hair and makes hair smoother.

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Indigofera tinctoria (Neelee) – Imparts rich colour, prevents greying, split-ends and promotes a healthy scalp.


Rubia Cardifolia (Manjeeth)  –  Repairs dry, damaged hair by moisturizing your tresses and induces growth


Lawsonia innermis (Henna) – The goodness of Heena is unbeatable in hair colouring. It also protects hair from the harsh and damaging sun rays.


Eclipta alba (Bhringhraj)  Controls and removes dandruff while making hair smoother and shinier.


Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi) –  Prevents hair loss and it is an excellent hair conditioner


Acacia Concinna (Shikakai) –  Adds shine and nourishes hair follicles

Indian gooseberry

Emblica Officinalis (Indian gooseberry)  – Superfood for hair in herbal hair colour. The vitamin C and antioxidants make hair stronger and promote hair growth.


Coffea Arabica (Coffee) – Stimulates blood circulation, prevents hair breakage and nourishes hair.


Acacia Catechu (Khair) – Fights dry scalp issues by hydrating and nourishing hair deeply.


  1. Herbal and safe hair colour solution.
  2. Trusted and Damage free results.
  3. Contains natural ingredients, free from any harmful chemicals.
  4. Provides complete grey coverage.
  5. Not only colours but also nourishes, promotes hair growth.
  6. No chemicals, No Preservatives, PPD Free and Ammonia Free.


How to use

  1. Take Cheveux silk herbal hair colour & make a smooth paste by adding warm water and leave it for 10 mins. (Do not Exceed 10 mins)
  2. Apply the paste on your hair from root to tip (Apply as quick as you can)
  3. After hair colour is evenly applied all over your hair, cover it properly with a shower cap (Make sure that no hair is left out in open else colour won’t be imparted)
  4. Leave the hair colour on for 2 hours
  5. After 2 hours, gently wash your hair (Do not use shampoo)
  6. Next day repeat the hair colouring process by following the above steps and wash it after 2 hours (Do not use shampoo)
  7. After 3 days, again repeat the same procedures of applying Cheveux silk herbal hair colour and wash your hair after 2 hours (Do not use shampoo)
  8. Third time after using Cheveux silk herbal hair colour, make sure to apply hair oil post hair wash (Next day you can use shampoo)
  9. After this process, Use the Cheveux silk herbal hair colour twice in 8-8 days and later use it after 15 days (make sure to use the hair colour even if the hair are greyed or not)
  10. Note: In case you feel extreme hair dryness than use it with warm milk instead of warm water.


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